The MITTON Pelvic Support Belt® is designed for gentle and effective support of the pelvic joints. Your health professional is the best person to assess your need for a support belt, but if you cannot access a suitably qualified clinician, please contact us and we will help you.

The MITTON Pelvic Support Belt™ helps manage pelvic joint pain. If you have pelvic joint pain, then this is the right belt for you.

Correct fitting is important. Please follow directions in How to Fit. The belt should be firm but not too tight; similar to how you might tie your shoelaces.

MITTON Pelvic Support Belts™ are recommended for standing and walking. I prefer that you remove it when lying down at night as they can be restrictive.

Night pain is generally caused by 2 things.
1. Doing too much or performing inappropriate activities during the day. Slow down, listen to your body and seek appropriate advice on how to modify your activities.

2. Your mattress. Even a softish mattress can sometimes be too hard in pregnancy. Placing an extra layer of foam on your mattress frequently solves this issue.

We recommend a new MITTON Pelvic Support Belt™ for each person as over time the belt’s elasticity may have degraded. As correct sizing is important, the belt may not fit correctly and be ineffective or too restrictive.

Yes. Follow the care instructions on the box or look at our care instructions page. Fasten the Velcro before washing to prevent rolling and wash in a small bag.

Your pelvic joints are relatively stable when sitting and all belts can feel uncomfortable when sitting for long periods. Wear the MITTON Pelvic Support Belt® under a long top so that you can undo it for sitting and refasten when you get up.

Exercising at the gym can sometimes trigger pelvic joint pain and be the cause of your problem. Speak to a suitably qualified health professional about modifying your program or changing the type of exercise you are doing for one that is more compatible with your pregnancy.