The MITTON Pelvic Support Belt should be used for standing and walking. When sitting or reclining for a period of time, undo the belt. Do not wear in bed at night.

Measure around the pelvis. Where possible get your women’s Health Physiotherapist or other Health Professional to assist in your first fitting so that you are comfortable to to do it yourself correctly. How-to-Fit-1
Place the belt around the pelvis, sitting UNDER the baby and around the buttocks as shown in the pictures. How-to-Fit-2
Tighten the two short pieces at the side for extra tension. How-to-Fit-4

The belt should be firm, but not too tight. Wear over your lower clothes and under your top (long) so that it can be undone when sitting.

This belt contains Latex. Not suitable for any person with a Latex allergy. Contact us with any questions.


Ask your trusted Physiotherapist about Mitton Pelvic Support Belts