Welcome to MITTON Pelvic Support Belts

Created by Australian Physiotherapist

Ingrid Mitton

Ease your pelvic joint or low back pain with a comfortable, easy to fit and wear support belt.

The MITTON Pelvic Support Belt® has been helping women and men for over 30 years.

Our belt is recommended by physiotherapists and other health professionals and thousands of clients themselves, because it is effective, inexpensive and comfortable to wear.

Because there can be many causes for pelvic joint and low back pain, it is recommended that you consult a Physiotherapist or suitably qualified health professional for an initial assessment of your problem. This will ensure that a MITTON Pelvic Support Belt® is appropriate to your needs. If you are unable to access a health professional, please look at our How to Fit page for further information on our extensive range of sizes , and how to measure your own belt before purchasing online through our convenient purchase page.