“I’m a pharmacist, but I‘m using your Mitton belts for personal use. The belts plus regular Alexander Technique lessons were the only things that kept me mobile during my third pregnancy-thank you so much!!!!

I was unable to weight bear at the end of my first pregnancy and for weeks postpartum so for pregnancies 2 and 3 I stocked up on belts and took early maternity leave. I am now 12 months postpartum and weaning off the belts.

Thanks so much for your belts-at one point I couldn’t walk without them!!!

Also thank you for sending them out so quickly after I placed an order-greatly appreciated.”

~ Kate M.

“After a traumatic birth, resulting in significant pelvic instability I went from a fit pregnant woman to dependent with a walking frame. The Mitton Belt provided excellent support, which helped my pain and aided my mobility significantly. Two months later I’m back walking 5km, with no frame and no pain”

~ Sarah, 34, North Melbourne

“I put the Mitton belt on after slipping and falling when I was 35 weeks pregnant. It helped to relieve my acute pain and allowed me to remain active until my daughter was born”

~ Sarah Mc (Physiotherapist) 

“This belt made my life so much easier. I used it from about five months pregnant, when I started to get pelvic and back pain. It was amazing how much support it gave. It made a huge difference to my quality of life – I could work full time without being in pain, and I could exercise for longer without getting tired and sore.

I’m sure it contributed to me being able to recover from the pregnancy and birth – well worth the investment! Ingrid is knowledgeable and delightful, and has created a useful, simple, sturdy product that I’m sure lots of other mums could really benefit from. Thank you!”

~ Alex S.