MITTON Pelvic Support Belts® are recommended, fitted and sold by Women’s Health Physiotherapists and other Health Professionals.


The Mitton belt, now 30 years old, continues to be manufactured in Melbourne. It is now readily available in various hospitals, both public and private, as well as in private practices across Australia. Originally made to address the challenges of pelvic girdle pain in women, this belt has been used in different sectors, including pelvic trauma in the elderly and in men with osteitis pubis.

If your Health Professional does not currently stock MITTON Pelvic Support Belts® please ask them or Contact Us or order yours direct Online Now using PayPal®.

A MITTON Pelvic Support Belt™ may be prescribed by your health advisor to improve your movement control and / or ease pain and discomfort. Pelvic belts need to be fitted individually therefore it is not a good idea to just “buy a belt” or borrow a friend’s belt. Not everyone with pelvic pain will need a belt, and in some cases a belt can make your pain worse. An assessment with a health professional is recommended to ensure you have the right size belt fitted and that you are instructed how and when to wear the belt. If you are unable to access a stockist please look at How to Fit and FAQ before purchasing online.