Interview with pelvic belt creator Ingrid Mitton

AUSTRALIAN PHYSIOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION | Woman & Men's Pelvic Health | Tafy Seade, principal physiotherapist of Inner Active Pelvic Health Physiotherapists who treat pregnant women are well-acquainted with the use of pelvic support in managing pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy, also known as pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP). The Mitton belt is designed to provide support of the pelvic joints in the presence of pelvic girdle dysfunction that is commonly seen in pregnancy. PPGP refers to pain that is felt in the sacroiliac joints or pubic symphysis. In pregnancy, this is closely linked to hormonal, biomechanical, metabolic and genetic factors. It affects up to 50 per cent of women who are pregnant and can lead to significant physical disability that affects daily activity such as walking, changing position, standing, turning in bed and general mobility. Ingrid Mitton is the physiotherapist who created the belt over 30 years ago. She delved into the area of women's health early on after her own pregnancies and instantly fell in love with the field. READ THE FULL STORY